Yayasan Anak Pemuteran - YAP BALI FOUNDATION
Pemuteran is one of 14 small villages in the gerokgak distric of northwest Bali. Pemuteran has a total population of 8000. 70% of the villages are Hindus and the rest are moslem. More then 80% of the households fall below the poverty line. There are 5 Primary Schools in the village with a total of 650 children in 6 grades.

When more than 100 pupils leave the government funded Primary School every year, over 50% will not be able to continue on to Junior and Senior high school for financial reasons. Junior high School (12 to 15 years) is not free of charge in Indonesia and the initial entrance fee, book, school uniform and transport costs are not provided by government.
The YAP Foundation was set up to try to help children who would like to continue to go to school as well as providing them with the extra curricular help and support they need
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The original project was initiated by Diana von Cranach together with YKIP.org in 2006 and was taken over in 2008. Government recognized non profit organizations cannot be run by foreigners in Indonesia by a retired teacher from the village, Diana's husband Gusti and two other local men who have themselves experienced the importance of further education and understand its benefits. Together with the head of the village, students who should be supported by the foundation are selected on the basis of set criteria every year.
The Foundation is legally recognised Indonesian Charity and is funded by the donations from the Pemuteran/ENCOURAGE Foundation in Holland, private donations from Puri Ganesha Villas guests, from fund raising Dinners and one of secondary school, 21 in grade two, 7 in grade three, and 62 in high school.
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Last year, the Pemuteran/Encourage Foundation has provided the funds for 38 YAP children who successfully completed Junior High School to attend Senior HIgh School
All the foundation children are provided with a bicycle, two pairs of shoes, their school uniform, YAP T-shirt, and their school books, together with daily pocket money during school semesters.
The Foundation is open from 15.00 - 18 everyday. The retired Teacher in charge is assisted by 5 part-time teacher who are paid by the Foundation to help with different school subjects. A small library and 10 computers has been provided and the children can also take part in Balinese dance and martial arts courses
If you would like to help, please transfer funds into the following account :
Bank : Mandiri
Address : Jl. Jend. Sudirman Seririt - Singaraja
Bali - Indonesia
Address : Dusun Loka Segara, Desa Pemuteran,
Gerokgak, Singaraja, BALI - INDONESIA
Account number :
For further information, Please Contact :
Email : gusti@yapbali.org or info@yapbali.org or
Phone : +62 362 94766
Cell : +62(0)812 4653 666

Thank you very much for your support
Gusti & YAP TEAM!



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